Museum of London
The Museum of London has continued to support this project from its outset to the present day through access to its collection of historical images deposited by the PLA, and through its expertise. In 2007, the Museum requested LFRP to develop a screen based version of the project for its new Capital City Gallery and this was directly responsible for our decision to make a new panorama in 2008. All images from the PLA Collection used on this website are reproduced by permission of the Museum of London.
Prints of these images may be ordered directly from the Museum at
University of the Arts London
The University of the Arts, London and more specifically, the London College of Communication has supported this project from its inception, through both practical assistance and the development of project outputs as academic research. One ongoing aspect is investigating the advantages of archiving digital images and art-work as pigment ink jet prints on acid free Baryte paper with a projected life of 250+years.
Port of London Authority (PLA)
The PLA had the foresight to commission the 1937 panorama and to archive it as an important document to the history of Londonšs Docklands. More recently they played a pivotal role in funding and encouraging the production of the new 2008 panorama as part of their centenary celebrations in March/April 2009.
Alex Werner and Chris Ellmers
Alex Werner and Chris Ellmers brought to the project their considerable expertise in the history of Londonšs Docklands. Their šLondonšs Lost Riverscapeš publication provided an integrity for much of the research and text of šLondonšs Riverscape ­ Lost and Foundš and more recently in updating the text and providing detailed captions for šLondonšs Changing Riverscapeš