The 1997 LFRP Panorama

By 1980, port activities had almost vanished as the riverside industries closed and much of what had been a bustling waterfront lay silent and derelict. In the 1997 panorama, the smart warehouse conversions and offices were appearing as the market-led ‘solutions’ to that decline.
The LDDC (London Dockland’s Development Corporation) in 1997 was reaching the end of it’s task of urban regeneration and was attracted to our project as a means of documenting aspects of their work. They became a major sponsor. The panorama was shot on colour film and in black & white to match the 1937 version.
Initial plans to shoot from a river boat were soon dashed as the perspective from close range meant that tower blocks would appear many times over in a small section of the panorama. Like the 1937 panorama, it was not always possible to make a perfect join every time.
In addition to our book ‘London’s Riverscape – Lost & Found’ there was travelling exhibition as part of the millennium celebrations that toured venues such as City Hall in 2004 and River & Rowing Museum, Henley in 2005. The LFRP 1997 panorama is now archived in the Museum of London.