The 2008 Panorama

In 2007 the Museum of London asked LFRP if we could provide a screen based version of our project for their new City Gallery, opening in 2011. The Riverscape had changed yet again since 1997 and we decided that we would need a new 2008 panorama to update the project. The PLA also became interested with their centenary on 31st March 2009.
The PLA then became a major sponsor of the new 2008 LFRP panorama. The Thames Path now offered far more riverside access for the public to enjoy and this time there were only a handful of building sites where we needed to gain permission for access to photograph across the river.
We were now able to get very high quality digital images from a Canon 5D fitted with a 45mm Perspective Control Lens, kindly loaned to us by Canon UK. The 1997 panorama was a useful reference and the quicker shooting time also gave us far less problems with changes in weather and more continuity in the height of tides.
The 2008 panorama images have been used in our ‘London’s Changing Riverscape’ hardback book, published to co-inside with the PLA centenary celebrations. Images from the new panorama will also be archived in the Museum of London, not only as digital files but also as inkjet prints with an expected life of 250+ years.