Project Sponsors

London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC)
LDDC funded the Partnership in production of the 1997 panorama, greatly assisted in the publication of a booklet of the project to accompany the launch of the exhibition in Museum of London in 1999 and made a generous contribution to develop the publication of ‘London’s Riverscape – Lost and Found’. LDDC was formally wound up in March 1998.
Fairview New Homes
Fairview New Homes provided much of the financial support for ‘London’s Riverscape – Lost and Found’ published by LFRP in 2000. The book was a considerable success and by 2005 the entire print run of 5,000 had been sold.
Fujicolour UK
In 1997, Fujicolour UK loaned the specialist equipment and donated 500 rolls of colour film and arranged for the processing. Currently they are involved in the provision of the Baryte Museum Art ink jet paper that will be used to archive the 2008 panorama in the Museum of London, in perpetuity.
Canon UK
In 2008, Canon UK provided the project with their specialist perspective control lenses that allowed us to make the new panorama using digital capture to a higher quality than the large format film used in 1997.